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Why partner with ARI?

The Augustana Research Institute (ARI) provides cross-sector measurement, analysis and knowledge management research for regional communities and organizations. Students participate in these academic research projects and gain hands-on experience and 21st century skills to drive societal change. ARI’s research provides valuable insight on complex systems spanning cradle to career, housing, homelessness, behavioral health, criminal justice and systemic community needs.


Sioux Falls Thrive

ARI provides services to initiatives endorsed and resourced by Sioux Falls Thrive, an organization dedicated to uniting businesses, government and nonprofit sectors in strategic initiatives. Its goal is to ensure all children in the Sioux Falls metro area have the resources they need to thrive and achieve their optimal educational and career potential.

Sioux Falls Thrive

Team of Researchers

Dr. Suzanne Smith, associate vice president for enterprise data analytics and Augustana Research Institute, leads an expert team of faculty researchers from across Augustana University's social science, humanities and natural sciences divisions.

Organizations interested in collaborating with ARI or the Beacom Research Fellows Program should contact Dr. Suzanne Smith.

ARI Team

Augustana Research Institute and Beacom Research Program Findings

Augustana University

Beacom Fellows Research Program


  • Associate Vice President of Enterprise Data Analytics and Augustana Research Institute Dr. Suzanne Smith | | 605.274.5010