Student Research Awards

The Arthur Olsen Student Research Symposium is a platform for the undergraduate students of Augustana University to discuss and display their original research and scholarship. The Symposium, unlike any other event at Augustana, provides the campus and the surrounding community an opportunity to see and appreciate the creativity, hard work, and ingenuity of our students. 

In conjunction with campus and community partners, the Symposium offered five $250 research awards to students who presented at the 2021 Symposium. Students were able to apply for one of the following awards: Keynote Speaker's Early Influence Award, Award for Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration, or the Lifelong Learner Award

In addition, the Symposium offered five poster awards of $50 each. Posters were judged as they were presented on the day of the Symposium. All poster presenters were eligible to win an award.

Congratulations to the 2021 Award Winners:

Keynote Speaker's Early Influence Award: Audrey CopePublic Transit: A Small Metropolitan Policymaker's Next Step (Joel Johnson)

Award for Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration: Callin Naddy, Breaking News! Journalism is not dying: A short look at the practices and solutions of today (Stephen Lhotzky)

Lifelong Learner Award - Enhance Community Through the Understanding of Humans and Human Interactions: Hailey Nold, Perceptions of Mental Health Resources at Augustana University (Ben Jeppsen)

Lifelong Learner Award - Enrich Lives Through Aesthetic and Creative Expressions: Kale Hellman, 'I am of an entirely different character': An Actor's Portrayal of Complex Morality in Euripides' Medea (Jayna Fitzsimmons)

Lifelong Learner Award - Develop Knowledge that is Critical for Understanding and Caring for our Changing World: Mia WergerVanishing Kingdom: The chronicle of a micro-prairie restoration in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Dave O'Hara)

Poster Awards: Jason Becker & Ellie HolmesAntimicrobial Effects of Placenta on Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms (Paul Egland); Brinn Hollenbeck, Brendan Huisman, Michaela Udlock, & Khatera SadatEffect of Lavender Aromatherapy on Sleep Quality (Ranae Aukerman); Jameson Cosgrove, Lauren Kelly, & Elizabeth KiffmeyerSex-dependent impacts of environmental enrichment on Angelman Syndrome mice (Alex Kloth); Kalista Vanden Berge & Jamie SommerdorfUsing Quantum Dot-Aptamer Bioconjugates for Cancer Detection (Barrett Eichler); Melanie BorsonMapping the Health of Washington State Forests (Sarah Olimb)

Keynote Speaker's Early Influence Award

In recognition of the 2021 keynote speaker, Dr. Sorcha Brophy, the Sociology Department is sponsoring this award to recognize a student for research that exhibits a "vivid awareness of the relationship between our private experience and the wider society" (C. Wright Mills, The Sociological Imagination, 1959). Sociology is a discipline that emphasizes "systems-level" analysis, and sociological research explores the interrelationships between social systemic forces (family, government, religion, medicine, law, mass media, gender, race, age, economic structures, etc.) and personal experiences, group interaction, or organizational processes. Often this research seeks to illuminate matters of concern to the public and work toward social justice. The recipient of this award will have produced research that shows evidence of the kind of systems-level analysis central to the field of sociology. 

Award for Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration

Sponsored by an Augustana alum, the Award for Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration will go to a student who has done research involving more than one academic discipline and/or requiring collaboration between multiple parties. Students must be able to demonstrate how they synthesized ideas and concepts from multiple disciplines, drawing connections between multiple subjects, and/or demonstrate how they collaborated with additional individuals or groups to create a cohesive research project.  

Lifelong Learner Award

The Lifelong Learner Awards, sponsored by the Board of Trustees and President's Cabinet, will recognize students who exhibit the spirit of Arthur Olsen's yearning to be a lifelong learner through their research or scholarship. Arthur Olsen chaired the committee that created Augustana's five core values: Christian, Liberal Arts, Community, Excellence, and Service. In keeping with Augustana's grounding in the liberal arts tradition, these awards will recognize projects that do one of the folowing: enhance community through the understanding of humans and human interactions, enrich lives through aesthetic and creative expressions, or develop knowledge that is critical for understanding and caring for our changing world. Three Lifelong Learner Awards will be presented.