WINGS for Growth

Partnership With WINGS for Growth

Augustana University has an official partnership with WINGS Signature Program. An academically accredited, highly structured, results-oriented 10-month leadership development program, WINGS aims to transform women on the cusp of leadership into impactful leaders. The program combines intensive leadership training, high-touch mentorship and career coaching to transform women’s mindset, behaviors and actions to highlight them as leaders everywhere.

WINGS for. Growth


Key focus is primarily in three areas:

  • #101WomenOnDeck WINGS plan to bring 101 senior men and women to take a pledge with us to develop 101 women leaders.
  • Create a multiplier effect by training management of nonprofits that focus on women-related causes, it is our loss as a community if they fail.
  • Diversity in C-suite should be the criteria for the investments in businesses. We will work with business to develop and promote women in C-suite.

WINGS Mentee Program

WINGS is looking for committed and passionate women who know how important it is to learn from mentors during their career journey. They are committed to their own development and show the dedication throughout the program. 

WINGS Mission

Unleash the leader in women, accelerate their growth and inspire them to create opportunities for the next generations. We envision a day when women leaders, role models, and change agents are universal. Learn more about WINGS mission, approach and results.