Navigate AU

Navigate AU

Lots of campus resources. One place to start.

At AU, you are a valued member of our community and your success is our priority. Your academic advisors are your first source of support as you navigate college. Stay in touch with them to make the most of your college experience. Navigate AU is designed to easily connect you with many valuable resources. Specific to AU, this app facilitates your success.

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Receive deadline alerts.

You have a lot to keep track of between now and graduation. Navigate AU simplifies the process of staying organized by nudging you and reminding you of important deadlines.

Make the most out of college and chart a personal path to success.

Navigate AU provides all the steps to manage your college career with confidence. Get quick tips on everything from campus resources to study groups and to-do items.

Connect to the support you need — quickly.

Have questions or concerns? Want to schedule a conversation with an administrative office? Navigate AU’s appointment scheduler syncs with your calendar and connects you with the people who can help.

Choose your major.

Complete a short questionnaire and identify the majors aligned with your interests.

Avoid registration roadblocks.

Unpaid parking tickets and overdue library books could keep you from registration for the next term’s classes. Get notified when you have a hold on your account and resolve them through our Business Office.

Be heard. 

Periodically, Augustana will use Navigate AU to conduct one-second surveys to get a pulse on students’ needs, experiences and interests. We will value your input. Share your opinion to improve AU.