Selecting a Major or Career

Gaining information about yourself and your options is the initial task of informed decision making. The following resources will assist you in this endeavor.

Learn More About Yourself

FOCUS 2 is available to help you better understand the careers that are congruent with your interests, personality, values and skills. This narrows the numbers of prospects for you to research, identifies options you may not have previously considered and makes the process more manageable, instead of overwhelming. Contact the Student Success Center to learn more about FOCUS 2. 

If you are a community member looking for initial activities to complete, consider the following self-directed assessments. 

Learn More About Majors

  • Review the Course Catalog.
  • Browse the websites of our academic departments. View faculty bios, alumni profiles and upcoming events.
  • Speak with an exploring academic advisor to learn more about the roadmap for your program. Consider the possibility of multiple majors by using Augustana's Academic Planner (portal login required). Speak with us today to discover parallel paths or occupations that include your diverse interests.  
  • Identify popular occupations for your major by viewing our major maps or complete "What Can I Do With a Major In.." in FOCUS 2 to learn more about the careers often associated with your academic program.
  • Speak with Augustana faculty or current students in the program. Not sure who to speak with? Student Success Center staff can facilitate these introductions.

Learn More About Careers

  • Research the activities, training requirements and labor market forecasts for your field. Occupational Outlook Handbook.
  • Read about the activities, attributes, and average pay for occupations. O*Net.
  • Conduct a mock job search using a commercial website, such as, to better understand preferred qualifications and opportunities in your preferred geographical area.
  • Research license, certification and training requirements for all occupations through the Career One Stop. (This is especially helpful if you want to identify the occupations that require a specific major.)
  • Hear from people in the occupations you are considering. Browse the profiles published on A Day In the Life (Princeton Review)Career Videos (Career One Stop),, Careers Out ThereCity Town Info, and Road Trip Nation.
  • Browse the publication of commercial organizations or professional associations. For example, Explore Healthcare Careers is a popular resource. 
  • Speak with or shadow professionals in the fields you are considering. Our alumni are eager to share their experiences and help you. Contact us to learn more.

Evaluate Your Options & Thoughts

As you reflect on your interests and research possible paths, weigh the pros and cons of each occupational prospect. You will also conceptualize your choice better if you compare and contrast your options with a Venn Diagram. Also, monitor your thoughts. Sometimes our thinking can be unhelpful and derail us in the process. Our exploring academic advisors can teach you strategies to help you evaluate your options and adapt to a rapidly changing labor market. Contact us today!

Test Reality to Confirm Your Decision & Discover New Possibilities

Gain experience and confirm your decision through introductory courses, campus leadership, volunteering, undergraduate research, internships and employment. It only takes a single incident to change the trajectory of your career. Create your own luck by seeking these opportunities and connections today! Learn more about volunteering, hands-on learning and internships.