Why study statistics?

A major in statistics empowers students to design statistical studies, analyze data properly and draw conclusions from the analysis.


  • Statistics majors use data to make informed and intelligent decisions — looking past the numbers to find actionable insights in various industries.
  • Students gain quantitative skills that make them marketable in a variety of fields. 
  • Highly-qualified faculty teach the use of statistical software, programs and packages. 
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Academics at AU

Course Descriptions


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Careers in statistics include statistician, biostatistician, data analyst, research analyst, financial analyst, actuary, data scientist, business analyst, economist, stockbroker, data engineer, administrator, accountant, software engineer and sports analyst. 

Hands-On Learning

Internship opportunities include: 

  • Citi

  • Sammons Financial Group

  • SAIC

  • Wells Fargo

  • Sanford Health

Courses & Organizations

The statistics major pairs well with majors in data science, computer science & software engineering, bioinformatics and economics. 

Statistics students often participate in: 

  • Math Club

  • Pi Mu Epsilon National Honor Society

  • North Central Section of the Mathematical Association of American (MAA NCA) Math Competitions

  • Systemic Initiative for Modeling Investigations & Opportunities with Differential Equations (SIMIODE) Modeling Competitions

  • Augustana Student Association (ASA)