Apartments & Theme Houses

Nelson Apartments Augustana


Augustana utilizes seven apartment buildings for third and fourth year students, located on the periphery of campus, which house about 160 third and fourth-year students. All apartments are fully furnished. 

  • Balcer, Nelsen, and Svensdbye Apartments consist of four-bedroom apartments, each housing four students per apartment. Svendsbye has several 2-bedroom units as well.
  • Schoememan Apartments are three-bedroom units, housing 3-4 students in each apartment. Schoeneman also has a 1-bedroom unit. 
  • Costello Hall apartments are mainly reserved for adult learners, married students, and students with families in one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Apartment living offers students the opportunity for that off-campus feel with an on-campus connection. Students are able to experience the autonomy of living on their own, while still maintaining a strong connection to the Augie on-campus community through convenient access to campus events, student activities and organizations, and facilities like the Morrison Commons and Elmen Center.

Theme Houses

Our theme house communities are reserved for third-year students and above with a strong desire to engage in service-learning and volunteer projects throughout the greater Sioux Falls community. Theme houses are designed for students looking to not only experience a little more independence in their living situation but also focus more deeply on their passion for service, activism or outreach. Each year, interested students apply in groups of 2-15 students, creating a proposal that speaks to what their group would like to accomplish by living together in a community for the year. The proposal includes their theme and describes how the group would like to “live out” the chosen theme. These proposals include a plan for service projects for the academic year and address what the group would like to gain from living together.

Apply for a theme house through returning student room selection.

Theme Houses

  • Global Education House
  • Lookout House
  • Valhalla House
  • Olsen House
  • Terning House