The Augustana Magazine: Spring 2015

view from summit avenue:
a message from president rob oliver

The Augustana Magazine Autumn Winter 2014Remember that old cliché about a picture being worth a thousand words? That’s how I feel about the cover of this issue of The Augustana magazine.

In the pages that follow, we celebrate 40 Augustana alumni under the age of 40 who are doing amazing things in communities near and far. They are teachers, doctors, lawyers, artists, pastors, leaders, service members, entrepreneurs and a dozen other titles – and they are unapologetic about their desire to build a brighter tomorrow.

They each possess a refreshing sense of self-assuredness. They’ve identified their God-given gifts, honed their talents, and are now working to use those gifts and talents in service to others.

They have each weathered storms in their lives and are wiser now because of them. It’s that earned wisdom that helps them understand the challenges ahead, while it’s their drive for innovation and their thirst for discovery that inspires them to try, and try, and try again. They have, without question, true grit.

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And so, when it came time to choose the artwork for the cover of this issue, this image of Rob Green, class of 2011, seemed like a perfect fit.

A self-proclaimed adventure seeker, Rob has traveled the world in service to others. Along with his wife, Robyn (Clemensen) Green ’11, he has served in hospitals in developing nations, guided travelers through Central American jungles, and has worked tirelessly to show others the benefits of service, exploration and discovery.

Rob Green is unapologetic. He is self-assured. He is wise. He has true grit. He embodies the spirit and determination of the alumni included in this issue. He’s the perfect fit for our cover.

In so many ways, this issue is a symbolic representation of the many exciting things happening on campus today.

As you’ll see in the pages that follow, and as you can read in the full interviews so many of these alumni say favorite professors, meaningful courses and treasured experiences helped them form strong foundations in areas such as education, music, the natural sciences, art, religion, business, and many others.

From the foundations they shaped at Augustana, these alumni planned their journey and charted their course for the future.

On campus, we are planning a journey as well, charting a course for Augustana’s future.

As many of you know, late last year we unveiled Horizons 2019, the strategic plan to lead Augustana through the next five years and beyond.

It gives me great pleasure to share with you the five major goals of this plan:

  • Serve more students and foster their success.
  • Offer substantive and innovative educational experiences.
  • Cultivate strategic partnerships.
  • Steward human, physical and financial resources.
  • Pursue greater brand awareness.

As you’ll see in this issue, we are already making progress on a number of these goals. New graduate programs in professional accountancy and genetic counseling are in development and we’re reaching exciting milestones in the Froiland Science Complex construction. In the coming months, we’ll share additional news and information relative to our work on other goals – all of which, we believe, possess the power to ensure a long and bright future for Augustana and its students.

For now though, enjoy this issue!

Yours, for Augustana,

Rob Oliver, President