Anne Zell, Ph.D., M.A.

Anne Zell, Ph.D., M.A.

Associate Professor of Psychology

Psychology Department


Ph.D. in Social Psychology, 2007, Florida State University; M.A. in Psychology, 2003, Case Western Reserve University; B.A. in Psychology and Biblical Studies, 2001, Gordon College


With a doctoral degree in social psychology from Florida State University, Dr. Anne Zell teaches courses in Social Psychology, Positive Psychology and Diversity and the Psychology of Prejudice, as well as General Psychology and senior seminar sections. It is essential to Zell that her teaching and research connect to people's real-life experiences and important social issues. For example, Zell has collaborated with Drs. Exline and Lobel in exploring how the subtle competition and social comparison present in everyday social situations affect people and their relationships. Zell also studies people's moral judgments and tradeoffs regarding the use of unethical behavior to achieve political goals. A related line of her research examines how people react to political fact-checking, depending on whether it supports or contradicts the political candidate from their own party or from an opposed party. Zell incorporates individual difference variables such as humility, narcissism, psychopathy and authoritarianism in her research, too. In her free time, she loves playing cooperative board games, reading fantasy novels, watching movies and shows and camping with her husband and four kids.