Cami Fuglsby, Ph.D.

Cami Fuglsby, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Software Engineering

Computer Science Department


Ph.D. in Statistics, 2023, South Dakota State University; M.S. in Mathematics, Emphasis in Statistics, 2017, South Dakota State University; B.S. in Mathematics, 2015, South Dakota State University


Dr. Cami Fuglsby is a statistician/data scientist performing research in forensic science and biometrics. This includes explainable artificial intelligence (XAI), black-box meta-modeling and error rate estimation applied to biometric data. She mostly works with handwriting as a biometric and has published collaborative papers on her findings when using handwriting black-boxes. Fuglsby also has experience serving as a statistician on committees that write standards for use by forensic practitioners. She attended South Dakota State University for her Ph.D., master's and bachelor's degrees.