Flat Ole Project

 Flat Ole

Traveling abroad or just taking a road trip? Take Flat Ole with you!


Meet Flat Ole, Flat Stanley’s Norwegian cousin.
He is an adaptable traveler who is excited to travel the globe with you! 

Just follow these easy steps:

  • Print the Flat Ole pdf
  • Cut out the Flat Ole character and take him with you to interesting places.
  • Chronicle your adventures by taking a digital photo of you and Flat Ole near world-famous monuments, historic buildings, beautiful scenery, exotic wildlife, funny signs and other places that signify your location.
  • Become friends with "Flat Ole" on Facebook.
  • Upload your Flat Ole photo, along with a brief description about his surroundings, to his Facebook page at facebook.com/flat.ole. Then be sure to check back often to follow the adventures of Flat Ole on Facebook!

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