Friendship Family Program

The Friendship Family Program is sponsored by the Augustana University International Programs Office (IPO) and is designed to give a new Augustana University international student a warm and welcoming family contact in Sioux Falls. The Friendship Family makes a commitment to befriend a new student, to provide opportunities to have home-cooked meals and/or to participate in various cultural or community activities throughout the year. The International Programs Office also sponsors several Friendship Family events during the year that you are invited to attend. Friendship Families do not provide lodging.

American families take many forms, ranging from a home with two parents and children to single adults to more mature adults with grown children who no longer live at home. Regardless of the makeup of the family, they will serve as a great contact and support system for you away from campus.

If you are interested in exploring the traditions, faiths and global perspectives of American culture with a local family, we hope you will take the first step towards participation in the Friendship Family Program by completing the Student Questionnaire. The information you provide is confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of appropriately matching Friendship Families with international students.