2019 J-Term Draws 187 Students for Off-Campus Opportunities

January 09, 2019
At Augustana, approximately 50 percent of students study abroad.

Augustana’s January interim – better known as J-Term on campus – is a four-week session in January that allows students to explore courses not traditionally offered during the fall and spring semesters. Many students use this time to take courses abroad.

Ben Iverson is the Director of International Programs at Augustana and has helped coordinate student travel and courses. “I think J-Term sets us apart in terms of diverse course offerings for our students. Part of the benefit of a liberal arts education is the exposure to a broad knowledge of academic disciplines. Our graduates are prepared to be world citizens and exceptional problem-solvers.”

This year, 187 students will travel abroad to take part in 19 courses. Travel spans the globe from South America to Europe to Asia. Students will complete their studies through Augustana faculty-led courses, the Upper Midwest Association for Intercultural Education (UMAIE) and independent studies.

January 2019 Augustana study-away programs led by AU faculty members include:

  • “Dharma: Life, Religion, and Culture in Contemporary India,” led by Sandra Looney and Lindsay Twa (English)
  • “Leadership in Professional Nursing in Norway,” led by Pamela Schroeder (Nursing)
  • “Leadership in Professional Nursing in Ecuador,” led by Patricia Waltman (Nursing)
  • “Exceptional Children and Youth Practicum in Norway,” led by Matthew Johnson (Special Education)
  • “The Greek Connection: Culture, Mind and Body,” led by Muriel Larson and Olivia Lima (Psychology)
  • “The Uncertain European Union: BREXIT and Life After the European Union,” led by Jason Harris and William Swart (Business Administration, Sociology)
  • “Tropical Ecology of Guatemala, Belize, and Spanish Immersion,” led by Cory Conover and Craig Spencer (Biology, History)

January 2019 UMAI courses taught by Augustana faculty include:

  • “Arab & Jewish Influence in Spain and Morocco,” led by Sam Ogdie and Paul Rohde
  • “Gender and Revolution in Cuba,” led by Pilar Cabrera and Danny Gerling
  • “The Chemical Industry in Germany,” led by Andrew Klose and Andrew Strandjord

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The Augustana Band will make its fifth concert/study trip to China in January, as well. The three-week tour will take students and faculty to some of China’s best-known cities.


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