Meet the 2019 Covenant Award Recipients

2019 Covenant Award Recipients

Five students were recognized for their exemplary commitment to the values of Christian faith, the liberal arts, academic excellence, community and service, respectively, at Augustana’s 2019 Covenant Award ceremony, held Friday, April 5 on campus. The ceremony was part of Verdier 2019, a week-long celebration of the core values that serve as the foundation for Augustana’s academic and student life programs.

A significant tradition at Augustana, the Covenant Awards are named in honor of each of the University’s five core values: Christian, Liberal Arts, Excellence, Community and Service. A committee of faculty and staff review nominations from the entire campus community.

The 2019 Covenant Award recipients are:

Leah Blom, Covenant Award for Service

Nominees for the Covenant Award for Service are described as those who have a commitment to service on campus and in the broader community; who inspire others to serve; who serve quietly without fanfare and with no desire for recognition; and whose future plans have been shaped by service.

Blom is a senior from Pipestone, Minnesota. Her majors are journalism, communications studies/business and Spanish.

Josh Barrows, Covenant Award for Excellence

Nominees for the Covenant Award for Excellence are those who commit themselves to high virtuous and ethical standards, personal integrity, human excellence, self-discipline, and self-improvement. These nominees are known for bringing out excellence in others. Their commitment to excellence has shaped their plans for the future.

Barrows is a senior from Helena, Montana. He is studying English and religion with minors in philosophy and math

Mollie Varpness, Covenant Award for Christian Faith

Nominees for the Covenant Award for Christian Faith are those who, during their time at Augustana, have searched for a calling that honors the Christian faith; who actively integrate faith and actions; who see their life journey as part of a bigger tapestry; who are growing in faith; and who are comfortable discussing their faith with others.

Varpness is a senior from Montevideo, Minnesota. She is majoring in religion and communication studies, with minors in classical studies and philosophy.

Kirtana Krishna Kumar, Covenant Award for Community

Nominees for the Covenant Award for Community are described as those who have demonstrated and fostered respect for others; who act as a leader, earning the respect of others; who have left a mark on the campus and broader communities; and whose commitment to community has shaped their plans for the future.

Kumar is a junior from Ghaziabad, India. She is studying biology and philosophy with a minor in  psychology.

Josh Jaton, Covenant Award for Liberal Arts

Nominees for the Covenant Award for Liberal Arts are those who have demonstrated a love of learning for its own sake; acknowledged or forged connections between academic disciplines; connected curricular and co-curricular interests; related their studies to important issues of human existence; and whose commitment to the liberal arts has shaped their plans for the future.

Jaton is a senior from Sioux Falls. His majors are music and classics, and his minors are math and physics.


2019 Covenant Awards


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