Master of Education

Why an M.Ed.?

The online Augustana University Master of Education (M.Ed.) Program invests in licensed teachers’ futures by training them in a creative concentration area.

  • This program features a learner-designed concentration, in which students complete elective courses from Augustana’s continuing education partners prior to beginning the remaining 21 credits in the program.
  • This non-thesis program, which takes 14-16 months, enhances teacher ability to create positive learning environments and earn higher compensation while continuing to teach in the classroom.
  • This program is delivered completely online and offered to already-licensed teachers.
Master of Education (M.Ed.) at AU

M.Ed. at AU


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  • Dean of the Sharon Lust School of Education and Director of Graduate & Continuing Education Dr. Laurie Daily | | 605.274.5211
  • Education Program Coordinator Chris Assmus | | 605.274.4629



The Augustana University Master of Education (M.Ed.) Program faculty, including professors, K-12 educators, administrators, innovators and managers, share their inside view and decades of experience in all types of education.

Learner-Designed Concentrations

The graduate-level learner designs their own concentration of nine credits by selecting or creating an area to fit their interests and career goals. Any pre-approved courses or certificates already completed should be noted on the application. All continuing education courses completed for graduate credit (even if they were not completed through Augustana) within the past seven years can be considered for inclusion in the learner-designed area of concentration.

Self-creation process:

  • Identify courses completed, with official transcripts
  • Justify the self-designed area
  • Approval by the program director

The Augustana M.Ed. Program recommends:

  • Completing an approved certificate through Teaching Channel
  • Completing other pre-approved courses through one of Augustana's continuing education partners

Augustana also offers Music Technology Pedagogy certificates for educators. This certificate provides educators with the foundation of music technology to use digital resources in their classrooms. Educators who complete the certificate can use these credits as an area of concentration in the M.Ed. program.