Augustana University Fintech Program by Pathward™

Why study fintech?

Launched in Fall 2023, Augustana University Fintech Program by Pathward™ is the first program of its kind in the region. Students who major in financial technology (fintech) at Augustana University will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of financial markets and institutions, as well as the fintech landscape in terms of its history, current applications and future trends
  • Apply an advanced understanding of corporate finance to the areas of risk management, portfolio theory, asset pricing and financial forecasting
  • Apply a regulatory and ethical framework to financial innovations that ensures data security, integrity and privacy for all stakeholders
  • Distinguish the role of traditional financial institutions in the banking as a service (BaaS) space and how that relates to innovations in finance
  • Understand the regulatory landscape for financial institutions operating in the fintech space and apply this knowledge to ensure compliance for the institution

Advisory Board

Along with Augustana University’s strategic partner, Pathward™, N.A. (formerly MetaBank, N.A.), Augustana University Fintech Program by Pathward is supported by a corporate team of organizations serving as an advisory board — MarketBeat, The Bancorp, CAPITAL Services, Goal Solutions, PREMIER Bankcard and Central Payments, as well as Pathward.

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Latest News

Augustana University will launch its newest academic program, Augustana University Fintech Program by Pathward™, in the fall of 2023. With the support of Augustana’s key strategic partner, Pathward™, N.A., (formerly MetaBank, N.A.), the major will be the first of its kind in the region. 


Augustana Fintech Technology

Careers & Hands-On Learning

An Augustana University Fintech Program by Pathward™ major will utilize current technology and apply technical skills that are necessary for a career in fintech. Internship opportunities and opportunities for graduates exist in the following career fields, among others, including:

  • Risk Management
  • Finance
  • Audit & Compliance
  • Operations Management
  • Database Marketing
  • Investment Management
  • Commercial Banking
  • Entrepreneur
  • Product Manager

Individuals can specialize in a particular field or broaden their skill set by moving between disciplines. Choices include moving into a management role or becoming a subject-matter expert as an individual contributor.

Courses & Organizations

The Augustana University Fintech Program by Pathward major is interdisciplinary as students will take accounting, finance, computer science, statistics and economics courses, along with several courses designed specifically for the program.

Students in these fields often participate in:

  • Augustana Student Association (ASA) as treasurer
  • Business Club
  • Call for Code Global Challenge
  • Computer Science Club
  • Investment Club
  • Hult Prize
  • Women in STEM