Comprehensive Costs

Investing in Your Future

College attendance consists of direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are those that will appear on your university bill, while indirect costs are those that AU won’t bill you for but are still wise to consider in your annual budget. The maximum cost of attendance and scholarship awards can also affect final costs.

Augustana's Refund/Repayment Policy complies with federal regulations. For information about important dates, payment plans and more, visit the Payment Information page.

Students on campus

Undergraduate Direct Costs for 2023-24

  • Full-time Tuition (12-16 credits/semester) | $38,150**
  • Student Fees | $1,040
  • Meal Plan | $5,300
  • Housing Double Occupancy | $4,170*
  • Total Direct Cost | $48,660

* Additional residence hall rates listed below

** Including up to 4 credits for January term

Any student who registers for more than 16 credit hours in the fall or spring semester will be charged an overload fee of $560** per credit hour.

Undergraduate Indirect Costs for 2023-24

  • Books and Supplies | $1,000
  • Transportation | $2,380
  • Personal/Misc. Expenses | $4,100
  • Average Loan Fees | $72
  • Total Indirect Cost | $7,480


Academic Scholarships

Need-Based Financial Aid