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Augustana Sustainability


  • We want to help our community flourish in ways that make it possible for that flourishing to go on for a long time.


  • Sustainability is not just a movement — it is a habit and a part of everyday life. Students at Augustana care for one another and our environments, which includes responding to needs, empowering one another, and tending to the ecology of place.

The New Sustainability Movement:

  • Love is a desire to see the good things last for as long as possible. We want our children to thrive. We hope to leave behind a legacy of a life well lived and pass on cherished traditions. This is what sustainability looks like. We want to enjoy the good things we have and share them with others in order for future generations to enjoy, too.
  • At Augustana, we believe in the power of traditions and sustainability. Recently, AU received the first installment of a $375,000 grant intended to foster a culture of sustainability on campus. The grant will be paid out over three years, and is being used for a number of projects. These include teaching our students, faculty, and staff to make better use of our natural resources, informing and empowering our community to make positive changes that will benefit both the current generation and many generations after.

Environmental Studies Scholarship

  • Augustana University Environmental Studies majors are expected to be committed to making positive and enduring change that helps others to flourish.
  • In order to be considered for the Augustana University Environmental Studies Scholarship, we ask that you complete this form before January 31, 2022. Please click here for the scholarship application.


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