Augustana University License Plate Decals

AU License Plate Decals

Show your Viking pride and order your Augustana University license plate decals today. 

How to Order Your AU Decals for South Dakota License Plates

1. Request organization plates from your county treasurer’s office. Any owner of a motor vehicle may apply.

2. Order your AU decals online.

  • You’ll pay no additional fees if your organization plates are requested at the same time you submit an initial application for your vehicle’s title and registration at your county treasurer’s office.
  • If your organization plates are requested later, the county treasurer will charge a $10 service fee.

3. When your decals arrive, apply them to your blank organization plates.

  • Your new organization plates will function just like other non-commercial plates and are renewable each year.
  • Upon the sale or transfer of a vehicle, your organization plates may remain with you and may be transferred to another vehicle.

AU Decals Support Augustana

  • Your gift of $50 or more is a contribution to The Augustana Fund and is tax deductible.
  • Your gift to The Augustana Fund will support student scholarships, academic programs, faculty development and more.
  • Organization plates are available to anyone in South Dakota with a non-commercial vehicle.
  • Your one-time gift of $50 or more enables you to keep the plates as long as you would like. If you get a new vehicle, you can transfer your plates.

Learn more about organizational plates from the South Dakota Department of Revenue's website or by contacting your county treasurer's office.