Augustana Garden

We are a group of students working together to tackle food insecurity and promote diversity on campus and Sioux Falls. The Augustana Garden, located on West 28th Street, is a community food collaborative working towards becoming a food redistribution center. The Augustana Garden donates produce to various minority owned and sustainable restaurants located in Sioux Falls.

Our goal is to create a community of like minded individuals and knit together a strong system of food production and distribution while building relationships on campus and throughout Sioux Falls.

How to get involved:

Students Gardening

Community Supported Agriculture Membership

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships is a $200 subscription that produces fresh produce on a bi-weekly schedule throughout our gardens growing and harvest season. There are limited spots available and the length of the CSA program is subject to the weather.

Gardens Produce Cabbage

Produce Donation

Individually grown produce can be donated to the Augustana Garden to be redistributed to women and minority owned restaurants and well as those in need of community through church partners and others.


We will gratefully accept any generous donation you wish to set out, whether that be through volunteer time or money.

Augustana Sustainability House

A small group of students plan to live in the house located next to the garden. This sustainability theme house will conduct multiple projects throughout the year, including (but not limited to) working on the Augustana Garden, creating a native prairie garden located next to the house, creating a handbook on turning an urban garden into a learning opportunity, and providing an outdoor classroom for groups of students and community members to learn, interact, or relax in a natural environment. We hope students and community members will realize the importance of understanding the environmental footprint each individual has and the choices we can make to reduce this impact.

Our goal is to one day become a carbon neutral home, setting an example for other households and campuses to follow suit. Each step leads us in the right direction of this goal.

For more information on how to get involved email us at

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