Internship Databases & Resources

Securing an internship is an extensive process with many facets, but always worth it in the end. Internships are an increasingly important part of the college experience. According to the NACE Job Outlook Survey, more than 70% of employers prefer to hire candidates with relevant work experience, and a majority of employers prefer that experience to come through an internship. As a student, an internship gives you the opportunity to build valuable skills and capitalize on your classroom learning.

The Student Success Center offers a full range of internship resources:

  • Assistance with your resume, cover letter and interview skills

  • More than 2,000 jobs and internships posted annually to Augie Opportunities, Augustana’s centralized job and internship database

Listed below are links to specific web resources for nationally recognized internship opportunities to further assist with your search.


Arts and Entertainment

DC and NYC Internships (see also Government and Political Internships)

Diversity Internships

Government and Political Internships

International Internships

Library and Journalism Internships

Museum Internships

Science Internships/Research