Career Exploration Resources

Augustana offers the following career exploration resources and events to help students find their focus.

Academic Planner

When you talk with our graduates, you will likely discover that they finished their degree in four years or less. Designed uniquely for Augustana, this software permits students to create and track a plan of study based upon our course availability and sequencing. Our portal also permits you to explore the course requirements you have satisfied within the majors you are considering. Log into the portal now. 

Faculty Advising and Alumni Mentoring 

Augustana is known for its small class size and frequent student-faculty interactions. As you prepare to launch your career, alumni will continue to network on your behalf and share their experience with you in a casual environment through our mentoring program.

Focused First Year 

Career exploration and vocational discernment is an intentional, thoughtful process that is incorporated into Augustana’s first-year programming, ensuring that it takes place early during students’ career. While many colleges only invest in this discernment during the fall semester, we have carefully designed our experience to last the full duration of students’ first year. 

Individual Career Counseling    

If you are exploring or transitioning between majors, career advisors are available in the Student Success Center to help you select an appropriate path. They can also help you complete free standardized career assessments and research your options. Schedule an appointment by contacting us at or 605.274.4123.

Liberal Arts Core Requirements 

Augustana’s general education curriculum is an exploratory journey that will help you sample diverse disciplines. In addition to clarifying your interests, the broad skills developed through Augustana’s plan of study equip you to meet the demands of multiple careers, so you are able to move fluidly through the labor market and not limited to one occupation. 

Sophomore Retreat 

In collaboration with the Chapel of Reconciliation, the Student Success Center hosts reflective small group activities during a Sophomore Retreat to help students clarify questions about purpose, meaningful work and living a life of significance. Various speakers evoke reflection during chapel and other events throughout the academic year.

Genl 100: Career & Life Planning 

Designed for deciding students, this three-credit course permits students to immerse themselves in the career exploration process during the month of January. 

Industry Excursions 

Augustana puts you in the driver’s seat by taking you directly to organizations to learn more about their work and to network with professionals. For example, students who are members of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) travel to Chicago each year to meet with diverse professionals in the field, while students interested in business attend the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting in Omaha. 

Shadowing and Informational Interviews

Speaking with or shadowing alumni, often through formal externships, permit you to explore occupations through first-hand observations. Our alumni are eager to share their experience and represent diverse fields. Contact the Success Center for more details.

Relevant Part-time Employment and Volunteering 

Students often gain peace of mind and confirm their decision through meaningful work or service. Whatever your interests, you will not need to look far to find opportunities. Learn more about experiential learning.