W-Component Courses

Various Augustana courses are also considered “W”-component courses (identified in the course catalog with a (W) following the course title.) That means the following:

  • The instructor has attended a “writing across the curriculum” workshop to assure consistency for “W” courses.
  • The “W” course will provide at least three assignments for which instruction in the writing process will be given, and each course will require at least fifteen pages (or 3750 words) of written work from among the following sorts of activities:
    • brief essays or themes
    • an empirical or library research report
    • journaling
    • essay exam questions
  • The writing assignments will help students think more clearly and become more effective learners and communicators.
  • W-component syllabi state the value of writing as an intellectual discipline and inform students about the Writing Center's tutorial services.
  • Specific feedback to each student is provided during the writing process, including at least one draft-revision assignment. W-component course syllabi specify the structure of feedback (written evaluations, conferences, peer critiques, or other appropriate forms).