Graduate Program Tuition & Fees

Ashton Eben '23Graduate programs at Augustana University are offered in a variety of formats, and tuition and fee rates vary by program. Traditional graduate students enroll at Augustana for a specific graduate degree. 4 + 1 students enroll at Augustana as an undergraduate and continue through a program to complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree in approximately five years.

Full payment for each academic session is due on Aug. 15 for fall semester and Jan. 15 for spring semester.

Graduate Financial Aid

Augustana University undergraduate students enrolled in a 4+1 graduate program may be eligible to continue to receive their undergraduate scholarships so that fifth-year graduate costs are similar to what their costs would have been if they had continued as a fifth-year undergraduate student. 
Full-time traditional graduate students may be eligible for a tuition discount up to $7,000 a semester. 
For more information, contact the Augustana Office of Financial Aid or refer to the Graduate Catalog.

Graduate Program-Specific Tuition & Fees