Augustana's approved study abroad programs offer a wide range of possibilities! There are over 500 approved study abroad programs in 60+ countries available to Augustana University students. Make an appointment today with a study abroad advisor in the International Programs Office to discuss your options!

How do you know which type of program will be best for you?

Faculty-Led Programs (January, Spring Break & Summer options)

Faculty-Led programs are designed specifically for AU students by AU faculty and take place all over the world. In a faculty-led program, you will study, live, and travel with other AU students — and you have the advantage of learning from a AU faculty member who specializes in the program’s subject of study. Choose from Interim, Spring Break or Summer.

Sister School Programs (Semester & Summer options)

Sister School programs are based on agreements between AU and foreign institutions located in Norway and Europe. They are immersive experiences in which AU students take courses directly from the partner institution, get acquainted with the local culture, and where weekends and holidays are free to explore. While knowledge of the host language is useful, it is usually not required because most exchange courses are taught in English. Academic Year, Semester and Summer terms are available.

Program Providers (Semester, January & Summer options)

These programs are provided by third-party organizations that work closely with U.S. institutions and with universities abroad. Some programs may include internship and volunteer options. Most provider programs have a limited number of openings and offer admission on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applying early may increase the likelihood that you can get your preferred housing and course options. Programs are available during the academic year, semester, interim and summer.

 Read to apply? 
Check out our video tutorial to help you with your application in our study abroad application portal.

Faculty-Led Programs

Augustana Faculty-Led Courses

Each year, Augustana offers 10-15 courses during January, Spring Break & Summer to Augustana University students. The courses vary in location, topic and length away.  You can search the full list of current Augustana faculty-led courses on the study abroad application portal.

UMAIE Courses

Each January, Augustana shares faculty and students with nearby Midwest institutions to offer UMAIE courses.  Augustana faculty lead 2-4 UMAIE courses to a variety of locations. View all UMAIE Courses available (taught by Augustana, Elmhurst, St. Ambrose, St. Thomas, St. Catherine's and Hamline faculty and staff).

Sister School Programs

As with most study abroad programs, educational systems and levels of student services can vary and may be different from what you are used to at AU. Students are encouraged to be independent and willing to seek out assistance at their host institution.






Program Providers

Augustana's approved study abroad providers offer courses to a variety of locations. College students from all over the U.S. apply to these programs. Participation can be a great way to meet students from your host country and peers from other U.S. colleges and universities.

Approved Study Abroad Providers

Approved Off-Campus Programs (U.S. Locations)