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The Augustana Theatre Company showcases student talent in a variety of theatrical productions each year — one of which is always a musical. Brand Name Improv (BNi) is a student-led improvisation company performing regularly on campus and in the community. Augustana Collaborative Theatrical Society (ACTS) is a student production company producing a three-show independent season in the Mary Harum Hart Actor's Studio.

The theatre in the Edith Mortenson Center theatre seats 286 people in a thrust-stage configuration. The building’s renovated facilities also include the Mary Harum Hart Actor’s Studio, a black box rehearsal and performance space.

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  • $15 for Adults
  • $10 for Seniors & Non-Augustana Students
  • FREE With Valid Augustana or High School ID.

Upcoming Shows


Ada and the Engine

Ada and the Engine

By Lauren Gunderson — Oct. 27-30, 2022

As the British Industrial Revolution dawns, young Ada Byron Lovelace (daughter of the flamboyant and notorious Lord Byron) sees the boundless creative potential in the “analytic engines” of her friend and soul mate Charles Babbage, inventor of the first mechanical computer. Ada envisions a whole new world where art and information converge—a world she might not live to see. A music-laced story of love, friendship, and the edgiest dreams of the future. Jane Austen meets Steve Jobs in this poignant pre-tech romance heralding the computer age.

Credit Check

By Eddie Zipperer — November 18-20, 2022

A surreal collection of six short comedies. Weight of the World: Atlas discovers the world may not need as much help as he thought. The Banana Trial: JoJo and Millie, two laboratory orangutans, attempt to solve a problem in hopes of receiving a banana. Wine, Candles & Anthrax: Drew is uncomfortable having to go to his unstable ex-girlfriend's house to retrieve his iPod, and he realizes he was right to be afraid when an anthrax scare causes the two to be trapped in quarantine together. Heroes of Literature & the Caveman: In hopes of impressing Joanne, Barry, a literary snob, throws a party where everyone must be in character as a character from literature. Veronica's Test of Worthiness: Billy tries to cut his girlfriend loose by introducing her to his dysfunctional family. Credit Check: While a married couple checks out real estate in the afterlife, they argue over whether or not death is the right time to part


Credit Check

The Drowsy Chaperone

The Drowsy Chaperone

Music and Lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison — Book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar — March 30 - April 2, 2023

The Drowsy Chaperone is a loving send-up of the Jazz Age musical, featuring one show-stopping song and dance number after another. With the house lights down, a man in a chair appears on stage and puts on his favorite record: the cast recording of a fictitious 1928 musical. The recording comes to life and The Drowsy Chaperone begins as the man in the chair looks on. Mix in two lovers on the eve of their wedding, a bumbling best man, a desperate theatre producer, a not-so-bright hostess, two gangsters posing as pastry chefs, a misguided Don Juan and an intoxicated chaperone, and you have the ingredients for an evening of madcap delight.

All in the Timing

By David Ives — May 3-6, 2023

Featuring six diverse but equally hysterical one-act comedies, David Ives’ All in the Timing is a witty, romantic, absurd, and existentially-minded evening of theatre. Words, Words, Words takes the “infinite monkey theorem” — the idea that given enough time, three monkeys in a room could eventually compose any given text, including Shakespeare’s Hamlet — and turns it into reality. In The Universal Language, a shy young woman places her faith in her fraudulent language tutor, who is changed for the better when he discovers is the language they share: not the the made-up “Unamunda” professes to be fluent in, but rather the language of love. Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread is an existential mini-musical parody based on the work of composer Philip Glass. In The Philadelphia, a man discovers that he’s entered a strange pocket of the universe where the only way to get what he wants is to ask for the opposite. Finally, in Variations on the Death of Leon Trotsky, the audience is treated to the hilarious vision of the famous Marxist waxing poetical — and dying, over and over and over again.

All in the timing

Murder on the Orient Express

Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express

Augustana Collaborative Theatrical Society (ACTS)

By Ken Ludwig — October 6-9, 2022

The exotic Orient Express is about to go off the rails.  With a train full of remarkable suspects and an alibi for each one, it’s the perfect mystery for detective Hercule Poirot.  When the Agatha Christie estate approached Ken Ludwig to adapt Dame Agatha’s most enduring novel and put it on stage, he agreed with alacrity – just as quickly as it takes Hercule Poirot to solve the most thrilling case of his entire career.   So wax your mustache and hold onto your passport for what has now become the most highly produced comedy-mystery in the world.