Lost and Found

Property found by members of the Augustana University community may be turned in at any time at the Department of Campus Safety. Or call 605.274.4014 and an officer will be dispatched to your location.

Inquires About Lost Items

You can call the Department of Campus Safety to inquire about lost items, 605.274.4014.  Unclaimed items are stored for six months.

Examples of accepted items:

  •      Cell Phones
  •      Laptops
  •      MP3 players/iPods
  •      Wallets/purses
  •      Eyeglasses
  •      Backpacks
  •      Keys
  •      Jewelry
  •      Textbooks
  •      Items having ownership information

Examples of items not accepted:

  •      Clothing items
  •      Perishable items/food
  •      Flammable items (lights, etc.)
  •      Small recreational items (soccer balls, frisbees, baseballs, etc.)
  •      Personal grooming items (combs, brushes, bows, ribbons, scrunchies, etc.)
  •      Intentionally abandones property (electronic equipment that obviously does not work, damaged furniture, items placed by trash containers for       disposal, etc.)
  •      Office supplies (individual notebooks, pens, etc)
  •      Umbrellas

Contraband and Items of High Dollar Value

Items considered contraband or of high dollar value shall be turned over to the Department of Campus Safety immediately upon receipt.  This includes weapons such as guns, knives, etc.  This also includes illegal substances such as marijuana, found prescription drugs, fireworks, and items of high dollar value.

If you have any questions...

If you have any questions about whether the Department of Campus Safety will accept an item, please call the Department of Campus Safety at 605.274.4014.