Pool Parties

School Year Pool Times

When booking a pool party, please include the name, phone number, email contact, dates/times interested in, number of swimmers, age of kids and if there is a need for a classroom.

  • Friday — 8 p.m. - midnight
  • Saturday — 5 p.m. - midnight

Summer Pool Times

  • Pool parties can be scheduled during the summer


  • 0-15 kids (one lifeguard) = $70 per hour
  • 16-30 kids (two lifeguards) = $85 per hour
  • 31-50 kids (three lifeguards) = $100 per hour
  • 51-82 kids (four lifeguards) = $115 per hour

This is the actual number in the water, including parents.


No outside equipment can be brought into the pool for sanitation purposes. Noodles, toys, flippers, etc. are available for guests, but there is not enough flippers or goggles for everyone. Guests can bring in goggles, but they have to wash them before going into the pool. Snorkel masks are not allowed.

Before entering the Elmen Center pool, everyone must take a quick shower. During this time, the lifeguard(s) will briefly explain the pool rules.

Pool parties are not scheduled when the Elmen Center is closed with the exception of Fall, Christmas, Easter or Spring Breaks, but scheduling conflicts are considered first.

Classroom (Room 230, Room 241)

  • One table is available for use.
  • Guests can use and move the 35 desks, but need to put them back.
  • Guests should bring their own garbage bags, wet wipes, paper towels, etc.
  • If there is a mess on the floor, brooms can be obtained from the front desk.
  • Guests are asked to leave the room as they found it, which includes cleaning and taking any garbage out with them.


  • Cash or checks should made payable to Augustana University.  
  • Payment will only be taken on the date of the pool party at the scheduled time.
  • Cash or check should be given to a Recreational Services desk worker, located outside of the locker rooms in the Elmen Center building. If a desk person is not present, payment can be given to the lifeguard(s) on duty.

Book a Pool Party

  • Recreational Services | 605.274.4637