ID Cards

The Department of Student Affairs issues all Augustana University ID cards and ID cards for the Sioux Falls Seminary.

New students or staff/faculty need their picture taken to receive an initial ID. After an initial picture, another one will not be necessary unless you would like to have it updated. The picture used on the ID card is also used in Augustana's online BuzzBook.

An ID can be made between the hours of 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday - Friday during regular university business days.


To replace a lost ID, the cost is $15 per card. All fees are posted directly to your student account. Previously lost cards found later cannot be re-activated for use.  If your card is broken, not working in your dorm or the Morrison Commons, it can be replaced at no cost. You MUST have your current ID card to be replaced at no cost, otherwise you will be charged as if it was lost.


There is currently no charge for lost or broken ID cards for staff or faculty. 

Tips and Hints

  • Please DO NOT tape your broken ID and attempt to use in the card readers. 
  • ID cards will no longer be hole punched.