Interfaith at AU

The Augustana Office of Faith & Spiritual Life and its campus pastors are committed to supporting students of all religious and non-religious traditions. Augustana commits to interfaith work because of a belief that God calls Christians to love and serve the neighbor who may have a different faith tradition. The Bible tells us stories of God using people of other religious traditions to do God’s work. Faith grows as students learn from and celebrate diversity.

  • Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics and other traditions and worldviews will find Augustana a safe and welcoming place to practice and explore spirituality. 
  • Better Together is a student-led group that meets regularly to grow religious literacy and promote interfaith cooperation. 
  • Student leaders are hired to serve on the university’s Interfaith Council and consider ways that Augustana can grow interfaith efforts on and off campus.
  • The Interfaith Reflection Room, located in the Morrison Commons, provides a religiously pluralistic environment for students and staff to pray, meditate, worship and grow. 
Interfaith at AU