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Strengths at Augustana

Why StrengthsFinder?

Augustana University incorporated strengths into leadership curriculum so students know what they are good at and are able to contribute as future employees in the workforce. By knowing your natural talents and growing them into a strength, a student leader is able to better articulate what they want out of a role, what they are good at and how they can work with others of differing talents and abilities. Our natural talents are our greatest opportunity for potential. When you focus your time and energy on your naturally gifted abilities, you are better able to be satisfied with your work and feel fulfilled.


Engage with your Strengths

Strengths Convos

Check out the Strengths Convo recordings! Check out Viking Central to attend our upcoming Strengths Convos!

Strengths for Families

Sharing your strengths with others is a valuable way to recognize them and hone your skills in using them. Strengths for Families is a program designed to provide access to strengths programming for anyone in the house age16 and older.

Certified Strength Coaches

Jeff Venekamp, Director of Student Conduct

Schedule a Session with a Strength Coach

Contact Rachel Rohrbach 605.274.4124 to schedule a meeting with one of Augustana's Certified Strength Coaches.

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