Augustana Campus, Fall

Center for Excellence in Teaching & Scholarship

Welcome to the Augustana University Center for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship (CTS)!

The purpose of the Center is to facilitate workshops, collaborations, innovations and initiatives that support and promote our work as a community of scholars, teachers and, above all else, colleagues.

CTS belongs to those who wish to get better at the craft of teaching, and it belongs to the researchers among us determined to pose new and timely lines of inquiry — as well as those taking on persistent conundrums and wicked problems.

At times, the Center will provide opportunities to push limits and pursue new pedagogical methodologies, and at other times it will offer occasions for casual conversations (and coffee) about what’s working and what’s not. Always, the Center will be committed to serving Augustana by supporting those who care for our students and who challenge them to be their academic best.

The Center is — and will continue to be — a work in progress. Please know it’s yours and its success depends upon your participation, your contributions, and your commitment to continuous improvement as individuals and as a community of teacher-scholars.

Thank you for engaging in this ongoing and important conversation.

Very sincerely,

Dr. Colin Irvine
Provost & Executive Vice President of the University

Dr. Colin Irvine