Why study French?

A major in French means a competitive edge in international careers, study-away opportunities and learning about everything from French fairy tales to films.

  • Since French is the official language of more than 32 countries and has more than 400 million speakers, students have boundless opportunities to use their language skills in professional, service and nonprofit areas.
  • This beautiful, analytical language develops critical thinking skills that are essential for effective communication and negotiation in the workplace.
  • French shares more than 6,000 vocabulary words with English, making French an easy foreign language for Americans to choose.

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Two Augustana University students have been awarded national scholarships for study abroad by Pi Delta Phi — the National French Honor Society for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students.




Since French is an official working language of dozens of international organizations and France is a key foreign partner for the U.S., graduates can secure careers in international government, teaching, journalism, tourism, business and health care.

Hands-On Learning  

French students study away in:

Courses & Organizations

Foreign language test-out and spoken placement exams are available for incoming students looking to study French.

Recent advanced seminars include:

  • French cinema
  • Composition and conversation in Victor Hugo’s “Les Misérables”
  • French fairy tales
  • Civilization and culture

As seniors, students should consider completing an honors thesis in French or applying to a post-graduate English teaching assistantship in France.

French majors often participate in:

  • Pi Delta Phi, the national French honor society
  • Le Cercle Français (French Club)
  • Augustana International Club
  • Serving and Learning Together (SALT)