Government & International Affairs (Political Science)

Why study government & international affairs?

Government & international affairs students will gain a deeper understanding of political life in the United States and internationally, tools of inquiry and critical judgment, as well as rights and obligations of responsible citizenship.

  • At Augustana, political science is also known as government & international affairs to convey the belief that the proper analysis of politics includes — but goes well beyond — the “scientific” approach.
  • The knowledgeable professors in the government & international affairs department hold students to a high standard as future leaders.
  • This major promotes opportunities for internship experiences and emphasizes advising regarding post-graduate and professional opportunities.
Government & International Affairs at AU

Government & International Affairs at AU

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  • Department Chair of Government & International Affairs Dr. Emily Wanless | | 605.274.4622


Government & International Affairs at AU


Graduates secure careers as foreign service officers, legislators, journalists, lawyers, policy analysts and nonprofit administrators.

Hands-On Learning

The department has built strong relationships with local and state political leaders, businesses and national organizations to establish high-impact learning experiences. Students work on issues important to them and cultivate contacts that often turn into full-time jobs.

Internship opportunities include:

  • Foreign embassies and the White House
  • Congressional and law offices
  • Nonprofit associations, including the Childrens’ Defense Fund, ONE Campaign and Jubilee USA Network
  • U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. State Department
  • South Dakota Bureau of Personnel

Government & international affairs students study away in:

Courses & Organizations

Students study these areas:

  • Law
  • American systems
  • International relations
  • Political theory
  • World comparisons

Government & international affairs students often participate in:

  • Augustana Student Association (ASA)
  • Government Club
  • Augustana Democrats
  • Augustana Republicans
  • Augie Green