Center for Western Studies is located in the Fantle Building

Frequently Asked Questions (CWS)

About Visiting

Q: Where is the Center for Western Studies located?

A: The Center is located at 2121 S. Summit Ave. on the Augustana University campus. The building is south of the Mikkelsen Library.

Q: What are the Center's hours?

A: Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Q: Is there an admission fee?

A: Thanks to the financial support of our donors, including a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, admission to the Center's art and museum galleries is free. However, becoming a member will help the Center continue fulfilling its mission of improving the quality of social and cultural life in the Northern Plains.

Q: Is the Center part of Augustana University?

A: Yes, the Center is a program of Augustana University, established by the University in 1970.

Q: Can I bring a tour group to see the Center's exhibits?

A: Yes, but we encourage you to call ahead — 605.274.4007.


About Donating

Q: How do I donate my family or personal papers, library, artwork, and/or artifacts to the Center?

A: Please contact Collections Assistant Liz Cisar to donate materials to any of the Center's research collections.

Q: Can you appraise materials or artwork for me?

A: It is against the United States tax code for our institution to provide appraisals of works of art or other historical and cultural materials, especially when those materials are being considered for donation to the Center. We are also not at liberty to recommend specific appraisers. But you can find one using this online resource from the Smithsonian Institution.


About Researching

Q: How do I find out what you have available at the Center for research?

A: Keyword searchable indexes of the personal paper, association, Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota, and South Dakota Conference of the United Church of Christ archival collections are available on our web-site. There are additional guides available on specific subject matter, such as South Dakota Norwegian-Americans, women's history resources, and photographic collections. Published guides to the Episcopal and United Church of Christ collections and Richard F. Pettigrew papers are also available in the CWS Gift Shop and offer more in-depth descriptions. The Center's Krause Library is cataloged on-line on WorldCat.

Q: Are there fees for researching at the Center?

A: There are fees for researching in the CWS archives. As a private, non-profit institution with responsibilities to our donors and the collections they have entrusted to us, we charge access and reproduction fees to offset the cost of preservation supplies. However, there is no fee for using the Krause Library on the second floor of the Fantle Building. Members of the Center for Western Studies are entitled to discounts on research fees and circulation privileges in the Krause Library.

Q: Can you translate letters or other materials for me?

A: We are not able to provide translation services for your personal or family materials. The University of Minnesota Department of German, Scandinavian & Dutch provides an informal list of Scandinavian translators located in the Twin Cities region. But expect to pay for a professional level of service; translators often charge by the word.