Master of Arts in Sports Administration & Leadership

Why an MSAL?

The Augustana University Master of Arts in Sports Administration & Leadership (MSAL) Program prepares graduates for leadership roles in a variety of sport-related professions.

  • Engaging courses combine with hands-on experience to encourage integration of coursework into real-life applications.
  • Students customize their program of study with elective coursework related to personal goals and interests.
  • A synthesis portfolio, graduate paper and oral defense serve as the culminating projects for this degree.
  • There are four ways to enter the program — 4+1 Program, Graduate Assistant, Graduate Fellow and traditional graduate student.


Beyond AU

Savannah Asmann ‘23, who earned a Master of Arts in Sports Administration & Leadership (MSAL), is a communications coordinator for USA Wrestling in Colorado Springs, Colorado. While at Augustana, Asmann served as a graduate assistant of athletic communications.

Savannah Asmann ‘23

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Latest News

Augustana is proud to announce that Dr. Roxanne Stevens has been named the university’s new dean of the School of Business. Stevens began serving in her role in mid-August. Stevens is working on both a short- and long-term plan for the School of Business that includes growth initiatives, community partnerships and student engagement opportunities — such as additional internships, student organizations and honor societies.

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The Augustana University Master of Arts in Sports Administration & Leadership (MSAL) Program offers a 4+1 advanced track and 1- or 2-year tracks. The MSAL features a sports administration and leadership studies core and an integrative studies core with a plan of study that is flexible for students.

Augustana MSAL students will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply theory of sports administration and leadership through practical experience.
  • Exhibit in-depth knowledge of current issues in sports administration.
  • Understand and apply ethical aspects for professionals in sports administration.
  • Demonstrate the use of effective oral and written communication.
  • Demonstrate advanced skill in critical thinking appropriate to leadership roles in sports administration.
  • Demonstrate skills in research pertinent to the sports administration & leadership industry.

Four Ways to Join the Program

  • 4+1 | With the Four Plus One program, students earn their bachelor’s degree from any of the programs in our School of Business in four years. Then, students join the MSAL program for one year. When students graduate from Augustana, they’ve earned their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years.
  • Graduate Assistant | Graduate assistants with Augustana Athletics have the opportunity to join the MSAL program at a 50% tuition discount rate, while also receiving a stipend. Graduate assistant openings are posted on our website.
  • Graduate Fellow | Graduate fellows are involved with Augustana Athletics and can be part of the MSAL program at a 50% tuition discount rate. For graduate fellows, the MSAL is a 1-year program, including summer classes. Graduate fellow openings are posted on our website.
  • Traditional Graduate Student | The MSAL program at Augustana is also available to students who would like to earn their master’s, though they are not currently working toward their bachelor’s degree at AU or involved with Augustana’s Athletics. These students can choose a 1- or 2-year track.