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Financing Your Education

Financing a college education is a concern for most families; therefore, we are committed to assisting students and parents in finding the resources to make an affordable investment.

Augustana is a true educational value, representing an investment with significant lifetime returns. (See Why Augustana?) Many people are surprised at how low the net cost to attend Augustana can be, thanks to the following factors.

  • Institutional aid. The scholarships and grants that Augustana awards reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Ninety-five percent of Augustana students receive institutional gift aid that does not have to be repaid.
  • Other financial assistance. Sixty-seven percent of Augustana students qualify for federal loans and grants, and work-study jobs on campus also supplement our students’ financial aid packages.
  • Timely degree completion. Seventy-seven percent of our graduates complete their degrees within four years. Timely graduation equals big savings. Consider not only the additional year of tuition, room and board you will likely spend should you select a public university, but also consider the lost year of salary. Upon graduation, Augustana boasts a consistently high job placement rate.
  • Lighter debt load. As a result of these factors, Augustana students often graduate with total repayable loan amounts that are comparable to those of students at public universities.

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  • FAFSA: 003458
  • ACT: 3902
  • SAT: 6015