Class Agents

Share your love for Augustana by serving as a class agent! Class agents are volunteers who keep their classmates in touch with each other and with Augustana after graduation. Some classes have one agent and others have classmates volunteer as partners or groups. Learn more about what to expect from this important position.

Responsibilities and expectations of class agents:

  • Draft one class letter each year — in the winter around Jan. 1. These letters will include class news, news about Augustana, and an annual fund appeal to classmates.
  • Support annual giving at Augustana by educating your classmates about the importance of philanthropy at Augustana. Class agents should also strive to give to the Augustana Fund each year.
  • Work with Augustana Alumni staff to provide coordination and planning for class reunions and reunion giving campaigns.
  • Administer the class Facebook group by posting updates that encourage engagement throughout the year.
  • Act as liaison between Augustana and classmates.

Class agents will serve a term of five years, and will have the opportunity to renew their commitment if they choose to fulfill another term. Class agents who are unable to fulfill the above responsibilities to the satisfaction of the University will be asked to step down as acting class agent.

Augustana Alumni staff will provide the following support services:

  • An annual update with information about Augustana events, programs, and issues that may or may not have been covered in other materials.
  • Class news and related information received by the University.
  • Printing, mailing or emailing class letters and inserts.
  • Support related to reunion planning, including reports, meeting arrangements, and communications.

Ready to volunteer? Apply to be a class agent today!