Intern, Volunteer and Work Abroad

The International Programs Office is a resource for information about interning, volunteering and working abroad during your undergraduate studies at Augustana University or after graduation. Contact the International Programs Office if you would like to discuss any of these opportunities.


Augustana works with several program providers who offer internship programs in a wide variety of countries. These internships are unpaid, and the program provider charges a fee for arranging the internship, housing and other on-site services. 

  • ISA offers credit-bearing internships in conjunction with their semester and/or year-abroad programs and stand alone programs in the summer. Internship opportunities typically require a higher GPA than that needed for general admission to the program, and often have additional prerequisites for participation.
  • HECUA semester programs all contain a credit-bearing internship component with U.S. and international locations.
  • The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) offers credit-bearing internships in conjunction with a semester abroad program as well as non-credit bearing stand-alone internships.
  • is a search engine that can help you identify other interning abroad opportunities.


  • ISA, API and AIFS offer service learning and volunteer opportunities in a variety of locations.  They can be in conjunction with semester academic programs or stand alone.
  • WorldTeach is an organization that partners with governments and other organizations in developing countries to provide volunteer teachers to meet local needs and promote responsible global citizenship. Graduates can volunteer for various lengths to several locations.
  • and are search engines that can help students identify other volunteer opportunities abroad. 


There are many opportunities to teach abroad. Students do not need to be education majors to teach abroad. Explore the options!

  • The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) primarily places individuals interested in providing language instruction in elementary, junior and senior high schools.
  • API coordinates work and teach abroad programs in a variety of locations. Inquire online or with the International Programs Office.
  • The University of Northern Iowa offers an Overseas Recruiting Fair every year.
  • Carney Sandoe is a job placement agency that offers international placement services to students interested in teaching abroad upon graduation.
  • and are search engines that can help students identify opportunities abroad.