At Augustana University, we provide education designed for the innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow


An Education of Enduring Worth

Some call it the liberal arts. Others call it teaching for 21st century skills. At Augustana, we specialize in providing an education designed for the innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.  

Learning from a faculty of renowned professors, here you’ll build a foundation of knowledge, discover your passions, explore your vocation, develop specialties and realize the significance and meaning of serving others. 

You’ll have the option to pursue multiple majors and minors while building experience through choice hands-on learning opportunities. And, on Commencement Day, you’ll graduate with a vast professional network, an entrepreneurial mindset and a passport to possibility.

Here, we challenge the intellect. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1, the personal atmosphere of the classrooms allows open dialogue and interaction. Our professors encourage conversation as students connect concepts, consider their larger implications and apply their significance to real-life situations.

Experiential learning takes place at Augustana through discovery and experimentation, internships, student teaching, off-campus study and hands-on research. And, because Augustana professors from across the academic disciplines often invite their students to collaborate on their scholarly projects, our students work on teams making innovative breakthroughs and even present their findings at national conferences.

Equal Opportunity (Civil Rights) Policies and Procedures